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[H] -- Soccer practice!! (I should learn how to name posts.)

Date/Time: Wednesday, January 26 / After school (around 3:45-5:00)
Location: The football/soccer field
Muses: Any~
Status: Open! 
Completion: In Progress
Rating: No higher than T for language. 
Type: LJ
Summary: It's after school and Antonio is the soccer coach.

So, where is he? 
The school's gym.
It's the middle of January. Practicing outside doesn't sound like a good idea.

What's he doing? 
Running drills and helping the students get better at playing soccer, of course!
He's the coach, silly!

But, Antonio doesn't get to play all that much by himself. So, once it gets a bit later and practice is over, he always likes to stay after the students have gone home and practice on his own. 
So, practice for the soccer team runs from about 3:45-5:00.
Anytime after that until around 7:00 would be time that Spain spends on his own so that he can practice.

Bara en annan dag

Date/Time: 1/10/11
Location: School, physics classroom
Muses: Sweden and ALL
Status: OPEN
Completion: in progress 
Rating: T+ for langauge
Type: EL-JAY
Summary: It's class, and Berwald is early because Berwald is always early  good at being punctual, unlike a certain Dane. 

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(no subject)

Date/Time 1/9/11
Location: Metropolis, the local mall
Muses: America and anyone else!
Status: OPEN
Completion: in progress
Rating: T+ for language
Summary: Alfred wants to go shopping. But he's kind of scared to go alone.

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that was epic

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